Volunteer with Us


At Aspire there are volunteer opportunities to match anyone’s interest, and we support individual volunteers or small groups of volunteers.  The rewards of volunteering at Aspire, Inc. are numerous and we would love to talk to you about the opportunities.

Potential volunteering opportunities (1 time or repeat):

  • Exploration Center - volunteers are needed to help people explore music, art, crafts, reading, theater, cooking, etc.  Volunteers may conduct demonstrations, lead one on one or small group instruction, or simply assist someone as they work on a project.
  • Health and fitness -  volunteers are needed to assist with team sports, recreation and leisure activities, and basic health and wellness activities like walking, play lawn games, go bowling, or shoot hoops.
  • Residential - volunteers are a welcome sight to help people with activities such as writing letters or emails, reading the newspaper or a magazine, preparing a meal or baking some sweets.   There are activities in the community that volunteers can help assist people to participate in.
  • Education - a volunteer would work with our Education Coordinator and assist people in one to one instruction or small group instruction in a variety of classes such as computer skills, money skills, driver’s instruction (written), etc.  
  • Creative Expressions - volunteers are needed to support artists in their creative process. Volunteers would have an opportunity to teach an art class or one-on-one lessons, and help with the finishing of artwork.  
  • Aspire Foundation  - volunteers are needed to support fundraising events that require volunteers from time to time. 
  • Events - volunteers are needed to support various events in and out of town like: SO Bowling tournaments, out of town trips, monthly movie nights, spring formal, etc.