Quality Assurance

 Aspire is a nationally accredited through the Council on Quality and Leadership (CQL).

Each participant at Aspire is assigned a Quality Assurance Coordinator.  This person is responsible to help the Aspire team:

  • ensure that each participants rights are promoted and protected

  • ensure that annual assessments are being completed

  • develop the annual plan that specifies services each person's needs

  • ensure that the individual service plan is being carried out as stated

  • ensure that annual funding paperwork for services is submitted

The Quality Assurance Coordinator is the primary contact for each participant, family members, Case Managers and other providers as well as the Aspire team. 


Irene (reedit)(size)(2).jpg

Irene Roelfs


  • DSP 2005-2006

  • BS is Psychology/Sociology

  • BS in Social Work

  • Quality Assurance Coordinator since 2006

Additional Duties:

  • Personal Outcome Measures Certified Interviewer

  • Assistive Technology Committee Member

Steph (reedit)(size)(1).jpg

Stephanie Skarin


  • BS Psychology/Sociology

  • Community Living Supervisor at Aspire

  • Previously worked at SDDC - Redfield

  • Quality Assurance Coordinator since 2010

Additional Duties:

  • Chairperson of Positive Behavior Support Committee

  • Non-Violent Crisis Intervention Instructor

  • Wellness Committee member

  • Admissions Committee member

Becca (reedit)(size)(4).jpg

Becca Wells


  • BS in Elementary, Childhood and Special Education, MAS in Special Education - High Incident Disabilities

  • Education Coordinator 2010-2016

  • ACLS/CLS 2009-2010

  • Quality Assurance Coordinator since 2016

Additional Duties:

  • Representative of Aspire Inc. at transition IEP meetings.

  • Teaches group and individual classes to people supported

  • PCT coach

  • Mayors Advisory Committee for people with Disabilities member.

  • Events Committee Chairperson

  • Assistive Technology Chairperson

Carly E. 2.JPG

Carly Eaton


  • BS Psychology

  • DSP 2008-2016

  • Quality Assurance Coordinator since 2016

Additional Duties:

  • 2016 ANCOR Direct Support Professional South Dakota

  • Events Committee Member