February Shooting Star Award Winner

Aspire is proud to recognize Deb Silvernagel as our February Shooting Star Award Winner!

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Each month Aspire collects outstanding employee recognition called Shooting Star nominations.  These are voted upon and awarded at our monthly staff meeting.  All of the monthly award winners are voted upon each year to select our yearly Shooting Star Award winner.

I am nominating Deb because she has been extremely understanding, patient and willing to lend an ear over the past year. In 2018, I missed a lot of work days due to my mom having some pretty severe health issues. She had been hospitalized or had ER visits that lasted into the wee hours of the morning, multiple surgeries, flown to Sioux Falls for a week, etc. Deb was understanding and compassionate. Now this year we recently found out some bad news about my dad. Again, Deb has been understanding and let me cry on her shoulder from the stress of everything going on.she has done my job for me when I was unable to come in to do it myself. She has given me hugs when she knew I needed one, which is greatly appreciated. There aren’t many bosses our there that go above and beyond for their employees like Deb has. And not just with things like this. She works her butt off in Production and is always willing to get her hands dirty along with Kellye and me. It’s nice to have a boss that doesn’t act like she is above us and does the same work we do. Even though we can bump heads sometimes, we immediately work it out and go on about our day as if nothing happened.

So I wanted to say Thank you Deb for being so understanding and willing to work with me when I miss work. I know it puts added stress on you and Kellye when I am gone. I really do appreciate you as my supervisor and for always listening when I need an ear and a shoulder to cry on.

~Nominated by Julie Schorg, DSP

If you have had an exceptional experience with an Aspire employee, please nominate them for a Shooting Star Award by clicking here!

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