September Shooting Star Award Winner

Mary Lee W. and William K..jpg

Aspire is proud to recognize Mary Lee Williams as our September Shooting Star Award Winner!

Each month Aspire collects outstanding employee recognition called Shooting Star nominations.  These are voted upon and awarded at our monthly staff meeting.  All of the monthly award winners are voted upon each year to select our yearly Shooting Star Award winner.

I would like to nominate Mary Lee for her effort to help a gentleman she works with be connected to his Native American culture. Mary Lee understands his culture and assists him in listening to his native music, rituals and prayer on special occasions.

Last year after the Aqua Addicts ski show, I heard that Mary Lee was taking this gentleman to a pow-wow in Mobridge and that she was helping him establish a relationship with another gentleman that shares his culture. since that time, Mary Lee has continued to offer support to facilitate this relationship, with local visits in Aberdeen and taking him again to the pow-wow in Mobridge (where he also med up with some of his family).

At graduation time this spring, Mary Lee arranged for a Medicine Man to come meet with this gentleman. The Medicine Man was able to give Richard his “Indian” name.

I know I’m not doing justice to telling this story but the efforts Mary Lee is making is 100% what we at Aspire do to help people have relationships, be connected to natural support networks (that include people who share our culture.)

Mary Lee, thank you for being the bridge that connects this man to his culture, old family and new friends.

~Nominated by Jennifer Gray

If you have had an exceptional experience with an Aspire employee, please nominate them for a Shooting Star Award by clicking here!