Salvation Army Volunteer Organization of the Year 2018

Nomination from Aberdeen Salvation Army for Aspire:

Salvation Army Lolg.png

Aspire, the volunteer organization of the year for 2018 has been very helpful.  When we began Feed to Kids in 2017 they were the first group to sign up to help make lunches.  They came every day to help with the lunches.  When other groups volunteered they would graciously step aside.  When volunteers didn’t show up they were a phone call away to jump in and pack lunches.  When summer ended it seemed that there would be nothing left for them to do.

When fall came we asked them to bag donated produce so it would be easier for us to give to clients.  This group stepped up to the challenge of coming twice per week to bag the produce.  They have learned where to find the bags and boxes.  They are great about laying the produce out on tables so they can coordinate how many items to place in each plastic bag.

We have enjoyed working with the folks from Aspire in 2017 and 2018.  They are great volunteers that we know we can count upon.  It is good to know that we have this great group of volunteers.

It is our honor and privilege to recognize them as the Volunteer Organization of the Year for 2018.

tj myers