Mike Bender

Mike B 2.jpg

Mike’s creative side comes from his mother who teaches ceramics classes.  Mike has experience with ceramics in high school but decided to join Creative Expressions because he would like to explore other kinds of artwork.  He has already painted few paintings and tried working with pastels, both of which he thinks have potential. Mike is excited to explore many new techniques.

Turtle in the Woods.jpg

Turtle in the Woods

available for purchase



available for purchase

Out Yonder.jpg

Out Yonder

Unavailable for purchase



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Little CAbin Getaway

unavailable for purchase

Do the Dew.jpg

Do the Dew

UnAvailable for purchase

Prairie Sunset.jpg

Prairie Sunset

UnAvailable for purchase

If you are interested in originals or commission work by this artist please contact us at 605-229-0263 or via email at creativeexpressions@aspiresd.org.