LPN/RN  - FT 207

Hours: Monday - Friday 8am-4:30pm (may vary with duties)

Job Summary:

Is responsible for providing and obtaining services to attain and maintain the optimum physical development and health of individuals served.  Provides education and support in identifying health concerns and the appropriate actions to be taken.  Ensures that services are carried out in an environment conductive to the most normal time and location as possible.

Essential Functions and Competencies:

  • Assists with scheduling and transporting people supported to and from appointments, including but not limited to, physical/health exams, dental exams, vision exams, psychological evaluations, medication reviews, audio logical evaluations, and physical and occupational therapy when needed.

  • Is responsible for the safekeeping of people supported records and securing them against, loss, destruction or use by unauthorized personnel.

  • Assists the people supported with personal hygiene and nutritional needs.

  • Assures that immunization and medication histories are recorded annually.

  • Provides or assists with in-servicing staff in detecting signs of health problems, diseases, abuse, and early detection and prevention of infectious diseases, seizures, OSHA Bloodborne Pathogen regulations, first aid, Medical Administration Course training, emergency medical procedures and other health related subjects as deemed necessary.

  • Assures medical examinations and follow-up related to all medical services are completed.

  • Assists person’s supported to attend to their own health and medical needs.

  • Provides people supported /staff with necessary medical injections (screenings, immunizations, vaccinations), as applicable, provided proper consent, doctor order and releases are obtained.

  • Is responsible for the storage and administration of routine/emergency medications.

  • Refers people supported to appropriate medical personnel for treatment.

  • Assures medical treatment is provided or obtained for those in need of such service in an expedient manner.

  • Provides or assists in providing preventive health services to people supported.

  • Carries out and/or oversees the implementation of doctor’s orders.

  • Transports people supported to locations, pickup and delivery of miscellaneous items and supplies and accompany to appointments.

  • Educates people supported who administer their own medications of information regarding their medications.  Some of the information include but is not limited to:  the purpose of the medication, dosage time, possible side effects, what to do and who to call is a dosage is missed, extra medication taken, adverse reaction, etc.

  • Familiar with and complies with Aspire, Inc. policies and procedures.

  • Familiar with and complies with applicable accreditation standards.

  • Familiar with and complies with safety and sanitation regulations.

  • Completes, obtains, disseminates, updates and files all applicable forms/reports.

  • Co-plans, conducts, and attends extracurricular activities, workshops, in-services, ISP’s and meetings as necessary.

  • Maintains an assigned inventory.

  • Intervenes with immediate medical, behavior or emergency situations. This may include agency approved physical intervention techniques.

  • Advocates for people supported. Ensures a persons’ choices and preferences are elicited and respected.

  • Utilizes community resources in the development of programs and services.

  • In conjunction with other members of the service team, determines specific goals and objectives for a person supported, and the methods by which these goals and objectives can be accomplished.

  • Required On-Call nurse every other week. Is paid with a $75 stipend for each on call week

The usual and customary methods of performing the job’s functions require the following physical demands:  standing, some lifting, carrying, pushing, and/or pulling (i.e. wheelchairs, transfers, etc); some climbing and balancing (i.e. stairs, assisting people walking with gait belts, etc), some stooping, kneeling, crouching, and/or crawling; and significant fine finger dexterity.  The job may be performed under a variety of conditions:  generally clean and hazard free environment.

Working Environment:

The usual and customary methods of performing the job’s responsibilities and essential functions require the following physical demands:  

  • Sitting

  • Standing

  • Lifting and/or carrying up to 50 pounds (may exceed 50 pounds during medical and safety emergency situation).

  • Routinely works in a variety of settings inside or outside the home/workplace and throughout the community.

  • Pushing, and/or pulling (i.e. wheelchairs, moving groceries/supplies, etc)

  • Some climbing and balancing (i.e. stairs, assisting people walking with gait belts, etc),

  • Some bending, twisting, stooping, kneeling, crouching, and/or crawling; and significant fine finger dexterity.

  • May be performed under a variety of conditions: generally clean and hazard free environment.


  • Licensed RN or LPN in the state of South Dakota.

  • 12 months experienced preferred

  • Must be at least 21 years of age

  • Basic fluency in oral and written English.

  • Pass a qualifying criminal background check which includes motor vehicle reports.

  • Licenses/Required Testing:

    • A valid driver’s license and evidence of insurability is required upon hire. Must have a safe driving record and be insurable under our insurance. Employee must be able to successfully complete agency driver’s training course.

    • Applicant must be able to pass a pre-employment drug test prior to employment. Employees are subject to testing per Aspire, Inc.’s Drug Free Workplace Policy.

    • Employees must successfully complete all required agency training.