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Jodi’s interest in art comes from her family that is very creative with weaving, painting, beading and dancing.  Jodi enjoys creating with pieces using mixed mediums, water colors and acrylic paint. She dedicates a large portion of her time to weaving rugs and wall hangings from different fabrics.  She continues to explore new techniques and ways to create original master pieces.


Life at the Lake

available for purchase

Independence Day spring 18 raffle.jpg

Independence Day

unavailable for purchase

Different Colors.jpg

Different Colors

available for purchase.

Blue Sky and Sunshine.jpg

Blue Skies and Sunshine

Unavailable for purchase


Native Cross

available for purchase

Autumn Dreams.jpg

Autumn Dreams

available for purchase

Dark Side of the Moon.jpg

Dark Side of the Moon

Available for purchase


Spring has sprung

UnAvailable for purchase

If you are interested in originals or commission work by this artist please contact us at 605-229-0263 or via email at