Jim weber

Jim W.jpg

Jim found out he had a hidden talent when he started getting involved in Creative Expressions. Jim loves to paint, the bigger the better. He uses mainly acrylics, and once in awhile he will try a new technique. He has his own style, his favorite brush and he loves the color RED along with other bright colors.  Jim is a born and raised Aberdonian.

Fall Journeys.jpg

Fall Journeys

available for purchase


Balloons Flying

unavailable for purchase

Muddy Rapids.jpg

muddy rapids

available for purchase.

Fly By Fascination.jpg

fly by fascination

available for purchase

The Eagle.jpg

The Eagle

Unavailable for purchase


Looks like floral Rain

unavailable for purchase

peaceful forest.jpg

Peaceful forest

unAvailable for purchase

Colors of the Wind.jpg

Colors of the Wind

Available for purchase

If you are interested in originals or commission work by this artist please contact us at 605-229-0263 or via email at creativeexpressions@aspiresd.org.