Jill Craft


Jill was first exposed to the arts when she was in school and has done different crafts at home throughout the years.  Creative Expressions was the first place where she was able to experiment with painting.  She the likes the freedom of painting and how relaxing it is for her.  It gives her time to herself away from the stresses of everyday life. 

Free Fall.jpg

Free Fall

available for purchase

These Three Remain.jpg

These Three Remain

available for purchase


Family is gold

Unavailable for purchase

Wish Upon a Star.jpg

Wish upon a star

available for purchase

Garden Window.JPG

Garden Window

available for purchase

jtc watercolor dreams crop.jpg

In the deep woods

unavailable for purchase

Desert Zen.jpg

Desert Zen

UnAvailable for purchase

Fountain of Youth.jpg

Fountain of Youth

Available for purchase

If you are interested in originals or commission work by this artist please contact us at 605-229-0263 or via email at creativeexpressions@aspiresd.org.