Direct Support Professional 

1124 - FT 6116

Hours: Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday 2p-10p, every other weekend 9am-9pm

Job Summary:

Direct Support Professional’s support people with intellectual and developmental disabilities in being independent in all areas of their lives, to become and remain involved in their community and to assist each person to achieve personal outcomes that reflect their dreams, hopes and desires. We maintain a structured and healthy environment to enhance the well-being of persons served while providing continual guidance regarding life skills, academic skills, and work skills to ensure appropriate social interaction.

Essential Functions:

  • Customer Service and Excellence

  • Professional Conduct

  • Accountability

  • Community Involvement

  • Rights, Dignity, Respect and Choices

  • Safety: Security, Environment & Health

Working Environment/Conditions:

DSP’s work with people who may be unpredictable, verbally and  physically aggressive and self- abusive; exposed to mental and physical demands including back and muscle strain, stress, loud environments, and works in a variety of settings inside or outside the home/workplace and throughout the community. Responsibilities/essential functions require the following physical demands and challenges: 

  • Frequent kneeling, squatting, twisting, crouching, crawling, and bending

  • Standing/ Walking (for extended periods of time)

  • Lifting and/or carrying up to 50 pounds (may exceed 50 pounds during medical and safety emergency situation) with or without varying amounts of assistance on a reoccurring basis.

  • Pushing, and/or pulling (i.e. wheelchairs, moving groceries/supplies, etc.)

  • Transfers and/or repositioning people who are not able to move on their own, in a sitting or lying position, to and from their chairs, beds, toilets, floor mats, vehicles, etc.

  • Some climbing and balancing (i.e. stairs, assisting people walking with gait belts, etc.),

  • Must have the ability to perform CPR and NVCI.         

  • May be exposed to infectious diseases, bodily fluids, odors, dust, cleaning agents, etc., throughout the day.

Work Challenges:

Challenges include learning about the people in order to know how to teach and motivate them, recognizing changes in behavior that may indicate additional services are needed, redirecting and implementing Behavior Support plans, and ensuring other plans are implemented correctly while dealing with maladaptive behaviors. Motivating people to perform up to standards on work, home, and community expectations and instilling pride, confidence, and self-respect in the people served is also challenging.

Problems include recognizing manipulative and maladaptive behavior, assisting resistive people, determining appropriate level of intervention, and dealing with equipment malfunctions and adaptations.

Decision Making:

Staff decide how to present themselves and how to respond to situations at every moment. Decisions include how to de-escalate a situation and if physical restraint is needed; when a behavior and physical condition should be documented or reported to medical staff; priority of daily work activities that are not related to someone’s personal treatment; assisting people served to requisition their funds; making good judgments, how to treat others, when to intervene in disputes between people served; when to refer a person’s needs to higher authority; recommendation of changes in treatment and if the team needs to meet to address a person’s issues.

Decisions referred include final plans, medical needs, procedures for implementing treatment plans, and formal counseling.


  • Minimum of High School diploma or GED

  • Must be at least 18 years of age

  • Basic fluency in oral and written English.

  • Pass a qualifying criminal background check which includes motor vehicle driving records.

  • Pass a pre-employment drug screening. Upon hire, employees are subject to random and reasonable suspicion testing per Aspire Inc’s Drug Free Workplace Policy.

Licenses/Required Testing:

 A valid driver’s license and evidence of insurability is required upon hire. Must have a safe driving record, have at least 3 years of driving experience, and be insurable under our insurance. 

Employees must successfully complete all required agency training in the required time allotted, and recertify annually.

Every effort has been made to make your job description as complete as possible; however in no way is it stated that these are the only duties you are required to perform.  Any one position may not include all of the listed items nor do the listed items include all functions which may be found in positions of this class. Aspire, Inc. reserves the right to make changes to job descriptions, job responsibilities and functions, employment practices, supervisory lines of authority, employment titles, etc. as it deems necessary.

If accommodations are needed for any of the above essential functions, please contact the Director of Human Resources.