Denis Heidenreich

Denis H.jpg

Denis is a long time resident of Aberdeen. He enjoys working with his hands and the world of art. He works with a variety of mixed mediums and likes recycling items into new creations. He has used old pencils, sticks, rocks, cardboard, old newspapers, keys and other items in different projects. He has made a series of project using photos of Aberdeen.  His most recent artwork has been created using a glue gun to create texture.

Tree of Life.jpg

Tree of Life

available for purchase

Fields of Harvest.jpg

Fields of Harvest

available for purchase


Dance Party

Unavailable for purchase.

Sunset & Beaches.jpg

Sunset and Beaches

available for purchase


Just Dogs

Unavailable for purchase

House on the Prairie.jpg

House on the Prairie

unavailable for purchase



Available for purchase

Green Horizons.jpg

Green Horizon

Available for purchase

If you are interested in originals or commission work by this artist please contact us at 605-229-0263 or via email at