Day Services

At Aspire we belive that each person should have an opportunity to create their own meaningful day and therefore offer a variety of options for people during their day.

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 Aspire offers support with various activities, either one on one or as part of a small group, in order to increase opportunities to participate in recreational activities outside of their home.  People will also be able to go out to explore volunteer opportunities and interact with others to form and strengthen relationships.

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Creative Expressions

Creative Expressions is a division of Aspire that creates opportunities for people to explore and refine their artistic abilities. This not-for-profit art studio provides an inspiring and encouraging environment for artists to create, exhibit and sell their work. 

Along with bi-annual art shows, artists also promote and sell their artwork on Facebook, in a gallery on site and at different events in the community.



In the Exploration Center, people are supported to participate in hobbies, clubs, or other senior/retirement activities. These activities are designed to build positive social relationships, foster personal choice, maintaining or preventing the degeneration of skills, and empower the person to attain their highest level of self determination.