Creative Expressions

A History

CE Work in progress 224.jpg

Creative Expressions was established in 2010 as a way to engage with people who were no longer part of the workforce.  There were 10 people that would participate in the program, experimenting with different types of artistic expression.   As the program progressed several people expressed a desire to learn more complicated techniques and give or sell their artwork to friends or family member.  The first sale of artwork from Creative Expressions was made in the fall of 2014.  

There are currently 12 artists working out of the studio and each artist has a unique viewpoint and creative talents.  Some people create works of art with paint on canvas while others like to add 3 dimensional objects to their creations. Some artists create more tactile works of art like jewelry, lanyards, and woven rugs. Creative Expressions provides all the materials each artist needs to pursue their area of interest. This is supplemented by donations from community members. On going learning opportunities are facilitated by professional artists, volunteers, and Aspire staff, who support the professional and personal development of the artists.

Creative Expressions host two multi-artist art shows each year and a dedicated gallery space opened in 2018.  Visits to the studio and gallery can be arranged during business hours. You can also find Creative Expressions out and about in Aberdeen with displays in local galleries, at their booth at the downtown Farmer’s Market and participating in events downtown.