Ashley Kitzman


Ashley’s interest in art came from taking various art classes in school. Ashley loves animals in both her personal life and in her art. She has both a cat and a dog at home and volunteers her time at the Humane Society in Aberdeen. Her passion is creating art involving dolphins with mixed mediums. She also enjoys painting flowers. She likes trying new techniques and experimenting with mixing her own colors. She also enjoys working on various arts and crafts at home. Not only does Ashley express her creativity in artwork, she has also been dancing for 8 years, performing in local creative dance shows with her friends.



available for purchase.

Dolphin Delight.jpg

Dolphin Delight

unavailable for purchase

It's the little things.jpg

it’s the little things

Unavailable for purchase.

Butterscotch Dreams.jpg

Butterscotch dreams

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sailing in the diamond

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Dazzling Dancer.jpg

Dazzling Dancer

Available for purchase

April Flower Spring Flowers.jpg

April Flower, Spring flower

Available for purchase

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