Accounting/Records Clerk 

Accounting/Medical Records Clerk - FT 107

Hours: Monday-Friday 8am-4:30pm

Job Summary:

To provide financial, clerical and administrative services to ensure efficient, timely and accurate payment of accounts for the agency. Assists in monitoring services to maintain the optimum physical development and health of the people supported – through oversight of medical records

Essential Functions and Competencies:

  • Utilize a computerized accounting system

  • Operate a ten key calculator

  • Knowledge with agency income and expense allocations, service centers and general accounting procedures.

  • Responsible for processing sales and cash receipt tickets.

  • Send monthly statements and handle past due accounts

  • Send monthly billings for GSA, 3M (Portal), other production, custodial contracts, HCBS co-payments, and room & board charges.

  • Record monthly revenues/expenses for other income, county government, private donations, Special Olympics, memorials, contributions, grants, etc. in accountable accounts book and balance with general ledger accounts at month’s end.

  • Process monthly ACH payments for people supported room &board charges, rent payments, HCBS co-payments and protective payee fee charges through appropriate banks.

  • Record specified monthly account expenses for cost report accounts that require more detailed information.

  • Reconcile bank statements at the end of each month. Review all outstanding checks and let the accounts payable clerk know of any checks that are outstanding so vendors can be contacted and appropriate action taken on the outstanding checks.

  • Record CTS Expanded Follow- along units for people supported by agency at the end of each month through Therap.

  • File paid bills

  • Disperse agency credit cards and wash tickets and ordering wash tickets as necessary.

  • Send resale certificate forms to all contract customers annually.

  • Prepare information for annual budget and audits.

  • Purge (as appropriate) accounting department records annually.

  • Post medical expenses to ledger sheets for people supported by agency.

  • Responsible for making bank deposits when necessary.

  • Be familiar with and able to perform as delegated the essential functions of any position in the accounting department.

  • Record monthly gas usages in gallons to be used to complete From 8849-Claim for Refund of Excise Taxes at the end of each fiscal year to receive the gas tax refund.

  • File for reimbursement for medical trips for people supported by the agency with the Department of Social Services.

  • Gather lunch counts, process pills and payments for lunches.

  • Responsible for Sunrise Apartment Accounting and processing tenant information.

  • Responsible for running monthly EIV Reports and filing as necessary.

  • Responsible for updating and maintaining SDHDA files for people we support living at sunrise properties.

  • Responsible for Aspire Foundation accounting.

  • Run criminal background checks for tenants residing at Sunrise locations or for new move ins as required.

  • Understand and follows HIPPA Guidelines for privacy information.

  • Documents medical correspondence from dictated, handwritten or other sources accurately and in a timely manner.

  • Is responsible for the safekeeping of records and securing them against loss, destruction or use by unauthorized personnel.

  • Requests/reviews records from medical providers, scans and attaches to Therap.

  • Communicates effectively and professionally with co-workers, people supported, and community members.


Working Environment:

The usual and customary methods of performing the job’s functions require the following physical demands: some lifting, carrying, pushing, and/or pulling, some climbing and balancing (i.e. stairs), some stooping, kneeling, crouching (i.e. filing), and significant fine finger dexterity. The job may be performed at different locations in the community and under a variety of conditions: generally clean and hazard free environment.


Two-year degree in business or accounting or two years related experience preferred but not required. A medical background or related experience a plus.

Licenses/Required Testing

Valid driver’s license and evidence of insurability.  Complete pre-employment and/or random drug/alcohol DOT tests.